Sale of property

We can assist you for the sale of your property whether it is residential, vacant land, strata title apartment, community title property, company title apartment, industrial premises, office suite, farm, retirement village property.

We will ask you for all of the relevant information for your sale so that we can prepare the contract which must be given to the agent before the property is placed on the market. In the event of a non residential property such as industrial, office suite or farm, the property can be marketed without the contract however it is helpful for intending buyers to have it available. When sending you the questionnaire to complete for the preparing of the contract, we will ask for you for information such as the list of items included in the sale, structures on the land, details of any structural changes which have been made, your preferred settlement period, details of any notices from council or issues with neighbours (such as fencing or boundary disputes), whether the property is being sold subject to an existing tenancy. We will also discuss pool compliance and whether you are wishing to sell your property as pool compliant or non compliant.

The contract can usually be prepared in one day subject to the availability of the mandatory government searches which we need to obtain for the contract.

You may need to consult with a surveyor, private planner, or pool compliance inspector and we can refer you to those professionals where necessary.

We can advise you on the terms and conditions of the selling agreement with the agent before this is signed.

We will support you through the stages of negotiating the contract conditions with the proposed buyer, exchanging contracts, dealing with your bank regarding the discharging of any mortgage and to settlement of the sale.

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